Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Monday

Remembering yet one more log in is proving difficult!  I know I'm not suppose to have a cheat sheet of log ins and passwords but how else does one keep them all straight?  Probably "suppose to" have them all in a very secure online account instead of in a little notebook, right?
            So wonderful to have a rainy Sunday after weeks of relentless sun.  (And in the South, the sun is strong many months of the year.)  Looks like rain will continue on for a while today.
            So far I haven't been able to find my own blog doing searches on Google Blog finder so I definitely have the anonymity  that I wanted for this project.  One thing I've already discovered -- spell check isn't happening automatically as it does in Word and my spelling has definitely gotten worse as my reliance on spell check has gotten better.  Nowadays I just try to get close enough for Word to figure spelling out for me. 
          I've come across some beautiful and thoughtful blogs just from doing random searches on books and nature -- outlets for real creativity.  I especially liked the one about noticing something from nature every day:  -- I'd like to find a similar one that is within 100 miles of my home, to make me more aware of what I should be noticing in nature.  So . . . maybe a search project for myself.
         Crape myrtles fading here but no fall color signs yet.  Normally, we have hurricane lilies (also called spider lilies and naked ladies) blooming now but I've seen very few this year.  Most are red and look like this -- no leaves at all, just thin stem and dramatic flower -- wish the world had more flowers and birds and fewer stores. 

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