Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Third Day

Okay . . . from yesterday, my picture of spider lily (imported from Google images) showed up fine on computer that I was posting from.  Today, it shows up as link, not picture.  I guess I should have saved to my desktop and then imported it, rather than importing directly from web??
              And why aren't my labels automatically showing?  Things to check on.  Perhaps I should actually read the Help screens. 
              Also I've decided I should have given more thought to what I want to cover in this blog.  I seem to have a third interest to add -- food & health,  specifically my plan now to feed us as much low sodium, low sugar, low fat food as possible for health reasons (diabetes, blood pressure for my husband). 
             I'm also much more conscious now of how time people must spend on their blogs -- the ones I read sound polished and organized and much more focused than I seem to be. 
           I wonder how often blogs are abandoned?  I came across a charming one yesterday that popped up on Google blog search when I was checking my own name -- but it only had one post, done back in August 2009.  I can see all sorts of research projects that could be done about blogging. 

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